Wigs - Treatments For Hair Loss

Although it is a less popular treatment option for hair loss, some patients have found success with the use of wigs or hairpieces. There are currently a wide variety of wigs available on the market. Men and women can purchase full wigs to create an entirely original head of hair or hairpieces that can cover smaller areas of balding.

Hairpieces are small groupings of real or synthetic hair that can be applied using clips, pins, or other forms of fasteners. Men and women considering the use of hairpieces will need to purchase from a company that specialises in matching the colour of the hairpieces to the individual’s natural hair colour. Some companies will have samples of hair colour options available for customers to choose from. These samples are usually bound in rings and can be viewed in stores or sometimes mailed directly to the customer. The best option for those considering a hairpiece are stores or companies that will work from a sample of natural hair to create a personalised hairpiece.

Wigs are a full head of hair that can be applied using a special glue, tape, or elastic band. Wigs can be made from real or synthetic hair. Some wigs are created with a pre-set hairstyle, while others can be styled and manipulated at will. Wig production companies can assist men and women in fitting a wig to their particular head size and shape.

Wigs are the best option for those experiencing severe hair loss or total balding. It may also be a good option for those who wish to avoid surgeries or medications to treat their hair loss.

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