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Nizoral shampoo was originally prescribed to help control dandruff, but a group of scientists discovered that it also has the ability to re-grow lost hair. The active ingredient in Nizoral is ketoconazole which inhibits androgens from bonding with receptors. This prevents DHT from bonding to the hair follicles. DHT is the male hormone which is responsible for hair loss in 98% of balding individuals.

A study was conducted that followed 87 men over the course of six months. Half of the men used Nizoral shampoo and the other half used a different brand of dandruff controlling shampoo. After six months, the men using Nizoral were found to have thicker and denser hair. The men using the other brand of dandruff shampoo had the opposite result and finished the study with thinner hair. Both groups of men experienced less hair shedding during the course of the study, but men using Nizoral experienced 10% less shedding than those using the alternative shampoo.

These results, however, have not been recreated. Most healthcare professionals do not believe that Nizoral is an effective hair loss treatment. Nizoral shampoo can only be legally marketed as a dandruff shampoo because of the lack of significant evidence to support its effectiveness against hair loss. Patients are still capable of purchasing Nizoral to treat hair loss, but significant results should not be expected.

Side effects are possible when using Nizoral shampoo and include dry scalp, itchiness, and pimples. Some patients may experience an allergic reaction associated with active or inactive ingredients in the shampoo.

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