Nanogen - Treatments For Hair Loss

Nanogen’s Nanofibres are a non-medical and non-surgical solution to hair loss. Nanofibres camouflage hair loss rather than cure it. Men and women experiencing hair loss can choose between 10 colour options for the nanofibres that most closely matches their natural hair. The Nanofibres are easily applied by simply sprinkling them onto the scalp and securing with a locking spray.

Nanofibres are different from other sprays and powders because they do not simply colour the scalp. Nanogen’s Nanofibres actually bond to individual hairs and create a thicker, more natural appearing head of hair. The fibres bond to the hair through static electricity. This charge, combined with the locking spray, is strong enough to secure the fibres throughout the day.

Nanofibres do not smear or smudge like sprays and powders. They also do not dye the hair, scalp, clothing, or skin. The fibres can be washed out with a normal shampoo and must be reapplied daily.

Nanogen’s Nanofibres are the best option for those experiencing hair thinning rather than areas of complete baldness. The fibres work by bonding with the natural hair to create a thicker, fuller appearance. In the absence of natural hair, the Nanofibres will not be an effective hair loss treatment.

Nanofibres are made from keratin, which is what natural hairs are composed of. There are no health risks associated with the use of these fibres and they will not damage the hair or scalp.

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