Strip Harvest Technique - Hair Transplant Surgery

In order for FUT micrografts to be successfully complete, strips must be harvested from the donor sites. The donor sites are sites which have genetically healthy and non-thinning hair. Usually this donor site is at the back of the head and near the top of the neck.

A scalpel is used to remove a very thin strip of hair from the donor location. The procedure may be done with a single large donor strip or several smaller donor strips. Generally, the strips removed are only about 1 millimetre in thickness.

The donor site will be secured with sutures or staples to ensure proper healing. The scar will be covered by the patient’s hair and will not be visible unless the patient chooses to cut the hair shorter than 2 centimetres.

The harvested strips will be divided into small grafts for use during the FUT micrograft procedure. The entire transplant procedure is relatively pain free. Patients will experience only minor pain at the donor site.

Guide to Hair Transplant Surgery