Male Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem experienced by men. About half of all men will have some form of noticeable hair loss by age 35 and 75% of men will experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

While hair loss in men is not rare, it can still be devastating. A thick, full head of hair is associated with youth, energy, and vitality. Most men do not look forward to the aged appearance associated with hair loss.

Additionally, many men feel that hair loss or balding inhibits their ability to feel comfortable with the opposite sex. Their lack of confidence interferes with their ability to find a mate or maintain a relationship.

The lack of confidence may also extend into the workplace. Men who don’t feel confident, have a harder time standing up for their ideas, proposing new concepts, and speaking publicly.

In a changing society that places cosmetic pressure on both men and women, many men feel that they need to treat their naturally occurring baldness in order to feel more confident.

While the vast majority of men experiencing hair loss can attribute it to male pattern baldness, there are a variety of genetic and non-genetic factors that can cause hair loss. It’s important that men assess the cause of their hair loss before attempting to treat it.

Guide to Causes for Male Hair Loss