Does hair transplant surgery hurt?- Hair Transplant FAQs

Patients undergoing hair transplant surgeries are given local anaesthetics during the hair transplant procedures. Most patients do not report any pain during the procedure, however, there may be slight discomfort during hair insertion and extraction.

After the procedure, patients will experience some minor soreness and numbness. The majority of patients find that the surgery and recovery are far less painful than they expected. It is advised that patients wear shirts that can be unbuttoned on the day of the surgery and for a few days afterwards. This is to avoid accidentally rubbing the scalp, which may cause pain or discomfort the first few days after surgery.

FUT procedures and other cosmetic surgeries that cut or remove portions of the scalp, will result in more pain and tenderness than less invasive surgeries.

Ultimately, the recovery time of hair transplant surgeries is short and relatively pain free.

Hair transplant FAQs