What is the different between FUT and FUE hair transplant surgery?- Hair Transplant FAQs

Follicular unit transplant (FUT) is a procedure that requires the harvesting of a strip of scalp from the donor area. The strip is only 1 millimetre in diameter and is removed using a small scalpel. The strip is placed under a microscope and divided into grafts containing 1 or 2 hairs.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a process that utilises a small punch tool that removes hairs from the donor sites. The tool removes grafts that contain either 1 or 2 hairs. FUE procedures use a much larger donor area than FUT procedures. The punch tool will likely be used across a large area of the scalp to extract healthy hairs.

Both procedures insert 1 or 2 hairs at a time into tiny incisions. Some patients find that the incision sites for FUT procedures are somewhat larger and more noticeable than that of FUE procedures. Both procedures require incisions that are less than 1 millimetre in diameter.

FUT procedures are beneficial to those who have large areas of balding. This is because a much larger number of grafts can be harvested per hair transplant session.

Individuals who wish to keep their hair shorter than 2 centimetres, may prefer FUE procedures. These procedures have less scaring than FUT procedures because they do not require a large harvest site.

The surgical team will help patients determine which procedure is best.

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