What will happen during a hair transplant consultation? - Hair Transplant FAQs

During a hair transplant consultation, patients will meet with a surgeon to determine if hair transplant procedures could be beneficial. The consultation is free of charge and usually lasts around one hour.

The surgeons will examine the problem areas to determine the extend of the balding. For male patients, they may assign a specific Norwood classification to the hair loss. The surgeons will also examine the healthy, non-thinning areas of hair to determine if they are sufficient enough to serve as donor locations.

Based on the information acquired during the examination of the balding and non-balding areas, the surgeons will make a recommendation. The risks and benefits of the hair transplant procedures will be explained in detail and the surgeons will outline exactly how each patient could benefit from a transplant procedure.

A graft calculator may be used to determine if patients have a large enough supply of donor hairs to cover the balding areas. The surgeon will also attempt to determine the cause of the hair loss. Thinning or balding caused by non-genetic factors may be untreatable with hair transplantation.

After the consultation, surgeons will help patients schedule their hair transplant procedures and explain any preparations they will need to undergo beforehand.

The surgical team is friendly and enthusiastic about meeting the cosmetic needs of each patient. They understand that choosing a hair transplant procedure is a big decision that requires a plethora of information, resources, and support. The surgical team will be available to support patients through each step of the hair transplant procedure.

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