Does hair transplant surgery cause scarring?- Hair Transplant FAQs

Hair transplant surgery will result in some scarring of the scalp. This scarring is usually mild and unnoticeable. Due to advancements in hair transplant technology and the precision of the surgical team, most patients do not note any significant scarring.

FUT procedures, which remove a small strip of the scalp for harvesting follicles, will have the largest amount of scaring. This scar can be covered by hair that is at least 2 centimetres in length. Individuals who wish to shave their head should choose FUE options, which have only minor scars at the insertion and extraction site.

The surgical team will provide an antibiotic cream that can be applied to the FUT donor sites. This cream will prevent significant scaring.

Both FUE and FUT procedures will have some scaring around the edges of the grafts. These scars usually appear as very tiny bumps and will not be easily detected. The scars will be smaller than 1 millimetre in diameter.

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